In recent years, due to developments in technology and online tutorials on the art of filmmaking, making a movie has become an endeavour virtually anyone can now proceed with. This is both a good and a bad thing, good because people with great ideas have an independent platform to make their art, but also bad because people with bad ideas can also make films. However, within Ireland, this is not the problem.

Every year the independent Irish film scene grows in numbers and the big budget productions get more recognition for Irish made films. The big breakthrough this year being the acclaimed Patricks Day. But still, among our many talents as a nation of growing filmmakers trying to swing with the big dicks, we lack something crucial to that success. And that is balls.

Where have our balls gone to? Where is the shocking, controversial, grab you by the throat yet brilliant Irish film? We don’t have one. We play it safe and make films about what we either think is safe or base it on something that’s already been done before. Who really wants to sit through another Easter rising flick or another Irish bio.

Sure there are a handful of great films on these subjects but we need to move on. We need to move on from films about what we think are important. Not every film has to have a super important meaning. We need to realise the value of pure cinema where anything goes. Make a film to mess with the viewers minds, make em cry, laugh, fantasise about your female lead or marvel at you use of what a low budget movie can truly be.

Be inventive, follow no format. Break any rule you think exists. At the end of the day its the story and the way it’s told that matters, and recycling the same story over and over is uninspiring and lazy. Find your own voice. Never mind what’s the standard. Can’t get funding for your project? Go out and shoot it for nothing.

There are talented actors out there begging to act because they haven’t been given a shot. It is the inventive writers, directors, actors and crew that will make a mark in the film world and show the rest of the world that we have balls and don’t give a dam.

Here is our film, it is what it is. Because let’s be honest, if your heart isn’t in the story, you shouldn’t be on set. We need films that show heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears. get writing, location scouting, directing and acting. Make a mark worth noticing.

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