Dublin born brothers Richie and James Martin are the talent behind alternative folk/rock act Cry Monster Cry. Both have shared a keen interest in music since an early age, which is something that they accredit to the diversity of genres to which their parents exposed them as children. This provoked Richie to take up the violin as an infant before grabbing a guitar in adolescence, while James started off by sitting down in front of a piano.

With influences that include Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and Ray Charles, and drawing inspiration from Irish myths and legends, the duo would eventually go on to work on their first record together. Once their writing process was complete, they went off to Malahide’s Studio 2 to collaborate with Keith Lawless and mixing engineer Guy Massey. The result was their debut album, Rhythm of Dawn, which dropped in March.

Right now, the singer/songwriters are working on the promotion of the compilation’s second single, “Atlas”. It begins with a reserved but quick acoustic riff and immediately builds anticipation through a rousing wailing harmony. The siblings’ voices complement each other perfectly as they team up to narrate a catchy melody during the first verse.

The music continues to grow, generating a stirring atmosphere as it progresses. The addition of fervent piano keys among a plethora of other fast paced instrumentation excites and absorbs as the piece gets busier and constantly increases in momentum. It’s a marvelously infectious composition, whose rapid rhythm and accomplished execution is extremely arresting.

“Atlas” is available to download both by itself and with the rest of Rhythm of Dawn on iTunes now, while exclusive hard copies of the album can be purchased via Big Cartel. Cry Monster Cry also have a number of live shows on the horizon, including at Cork’s Indiedependence Festival on August 1st and at The Button Factory in Dublin on October 23rd. Tickets for these events can be found here.

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