“Cua”, a three-piece band from Co. Laois, have recently released their new single “Celebrate”. Band members; John Davidson, Shane Booth & Ros O’Meara bring together dynamic and contrasting instrumentation and vocal arrangements that make up Cua. The talented three-piece band play a wide variety of instruments including guitars, fiddle, bouzouki and percussion. Cua combine their virtuosity and delicate harmony arrangements to create a neo classical folk styling they call “Atlantean”.

Their debut album, “The Winter Tapes”, was released in 2012 as a duo. Since then, with the addition of third member, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Ros O’Meara. Cua have been back releasing and recording new material such as “Celebrate”.

A simple acoustic guitar quietly serves as an introduction with some light percussion providing a steady beat. The track picks up for the solemn chorus with the addition of strings and vocal harmonies. There are some nice concepts of love and relationships in the lyrics that are sincere and poetically phrased. The variety of rich instrumentation is similar to folk bands such as Fleet Foxes yet very Irish nonetheless, featuring the traditional bouzouki finger-picking style and fiddle. The tracks warm vocals, simplistic lyrics and pleasant imagery match the beauty of the harmonies.

“Celebrate” is most likely to be categorized in the “easy-listening tunes” playlist on your iPod. Celebrate is easy on the ear, like most traditional/ folk music it is tuneful and undemanding.

You can listen to Celebrate and check out some of Cua’s other tunes on Soundcloud and ReverbNation.