Feeling alone? Down? Depressed? Stick on this “pavement pop” Swedish group and let their words and vast sound lap over you as they tell you they will always love you, as many times as you are bothered to put it on repeat.

I haven’t heard anything like this in a while. Tinkling off to a start with some gentle piano, the song classically builds up to a massive choral crescendo and I challenge even the most cynical critic not to battle and get swept along in the sea of sound and powerful lyrics.

The band acknowledges they went nuts and over the top with the production, aiming for “epic” so this possibly a different sound for them. It’s fantastic to hear music joyfully exploding at the artist’s whim. That’s not to say it isn’t memorable of The Polyphonic Spree and other kooky vocalists.

I enjoyed the folky sound, but actually preferred the B side “Foggy Days in Malmo”. I wonder which track is more typical of The Culture in Memoriam.

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