Gamers of the XBox One and Steam variety may be interested in learning about a new game set to hit shelves this year that is bound to cause some buzz. The game is Cuphead and is depicted in stunning 1930’s style art and while there isn’t a whole lot of info out as of yet, it looks like this may be a 2 player compatible, run and gun game in the style (ish) of Metal Slug.

There isn’t a whole lot of information out about this game yet but the game may be set to be a trilogy. Below is footage from last year’s E3 showcase:

Indie developers are getting a real boost and a hot pick for right now is #iDarb, available for free to Xbox Live Gold members. The game is an insane multi-player and online fusion of air hockey, football and general madness. Animated in pixels, #iDarb (I draw a red box) literally started as an idea on Twitter by Mike Mika, Mike simply asked for ideas, game request etc in his bid to develop a fun, exciting yet simple game.

What makes the game even more fun is the fact that you can create your own characters, theme music and so much more. #iDARB is set to become one of the biggest multi players in a long time and may be an indication of what’s to come in terms of grass roots gaming developed by fans for fans.


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