Recruited straight from college, musician Michael Heffernan has rubbed shoulders with some titans of the industry during his time as head engineer of Dublin’s Temple Lane Studios. The Script, Morrissey and Swedish House Mafia are but a few of the renowned acts with which he has had the privilege of working, all the while putting together his own brand of electronic tunes as well.

It was within this position that Heffernan first crossed paths with Aisling Browne, herself no stranger to the field of music. The singer/songwriter has already built up an impressive CV, having taken to the stage at a number of famous venues both at home and overseas while performing vocal duties for several different bands. Her career has also afforded her the opportunity to act as support for the likes of 50 Cent, Faithless and Roxette at the 3 Arena, not to mention the radio and TV commercials to which she has contributed.

After both artists discovered that they shared remarkably similar musical visions, they decided that a collaboration was in order. This led to the birth of the electro-pop duo Cut Once in September of 2014. Proceeding to work on a five track debut EP together, the pair have recently released the compilation’s second single, “Forget About the World”.

It takes off with a busy electronic introduction that burns through the senses ahead of a hushed harmony. Some quirky percussion persists throughout the first verse before a heavy bass effect grows as the chorus makes its way to the forefront. The tempo proceeds to pick up along with the synths for a cutting instrumental onslaught, then tones back down for the second stanza.

The bass sticks around and builds more quickly this time, while the vocals resound across it. Things calm down for a brief period approaching the three minute mark, going almost completely silent before vivid vocals cut back in and the electronics erupt into an energetic finale. It’s a characterful composition which should be well suited to finding itself a comfortable place within the realm of the mainstream.

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