Those of you brave enough to step inside the unimaginable terrors of Samuel Page’s nightmare will experience fear like no other.

Journey through a labyrinth of terrifying rooms where you can expect to leave your comfort zone and come face to face with some of your worst fears. The gruesome scenes and startling scares will push even the most fearless to their very limits.

This is a fully immersive experience, featuring live actors, professionally designed sets, costumes and terrifying scenes suitable for ages 16+.

Designed to deliver bone chilling, non-stop heart pounding action that will leave you begging for the chicken doors, Ireland’s most horrifying scare attraction is not for the faint hearted!!


1st October 2014 – 2nd November 2014

Price : €17 – €24

RDS, Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

WEB, www.damnation.ie.