British musician Dan Owen was originally thrust into the public eye when a recording of his cover of “The Ballad of Hollis Brown” unexpectedly succeeded in turning hundreds of heads in his direction. Since then, the Shrewsbury based singer/songwriter has racked up tens of thousands of fans online and toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe.

Most recently though, he unleashed an enchanting new single named “Made to Love You”. Taken from his soon to be released sophomore EP, Open Hands and Enemies, the tranquil tune has already infiltrated the charts in several countries, including France and Belgium.

It’s introduced through poignant piano work which establishes an affecting atmosphere on the way to the hushed harmony of the first verse. The singing stays serene atop temperate instrumentation as the whole thing sails softly towards an extremely touching chorus at the start of the second minute.

Another emotional stanza follows from here, enthralling with its tender tone before the melody begins to build bracingly again. Subtle strings underscore discreet riffs and compassionate keys as the vocals increase in vigour and vibrancy, forging an exceptionally stirring climax that lingers in the mind long after listening.

The outcome is a captivating combination of pop and folk that displays plenty of power and passion. Owen’s superb singing skills and adept instrumental execution are indicative of an artist who has what it takes to make a mark on the mainstream. Be sure to investigate the video for “Made to Love You” below and if you like what you here, you can download the song for yourself from iTunes now.


Dan Owen

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