Ever since the closing credits rolled on the final Harry Potter movie, Daniel Radcliffe has gone to some pretty extreme measures to ensure he doesn’t get typecast as the Patronus Potter. From The Woman in Black, Horns to Victor Frankenstein, Radcliffe has proved he isn’t afraid of potentially alienating his fanbase. However, in Imperium we see a very different Radcliffe.

Based on a true story, Radcliffe portrays Nate Foster, an FBI rookie with little to no field experience who is made go undercover by boss Angelina Zampino (Toni Collette). His task is to infiltrate a radical white supremacist terrorist organisation, all the while avoiding the mounting suspicions of his peers as he struggles with his principles. The movie does look promising, however Radcliffe’s American accent tends to wane.

The intense thriller is currently scheduled to hit cinema screens on September 23 of this year.

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