This rock or new era grunge trio hailing from Plymouth, England released their debut EP entitled: Come On and Get Some in 2014. Andy Heath narrates the album with a distinctive and enticing vocal timbre alongside the guitar, Ben Diffey cleverly supports the lead guitar and drums on bass guitar with colourful displays of manual dexterity, and Darren Worrall maintains the distinct rhythmic roll of the group on the drums. This innovative grunge album consists of the following five songs: ‘Get Some’, ‘I See You’, ‘Look Around’, ‘Dirty She’, and ‘Wise Fool’.

‘Get Some’ opens with a catchy syncopated guitar line accompanied by an emphatic drum beat. The quirky sounds created in this song are softened by Heath’s vocals, and the lyrics are cleverly combined to support the music. The cleverly composed drum riff creates a momentous effect of a heart beat and breaks up the lyrical locomotion. The album then takes a softer turn in ‘I See You’, the acute guitar playing creates a delicate tone and a lyrical ambiance in the introduction, and this is followed by a contrasting rhythmic guitar section. ‘Look Around’ is a more musical song and the music is extremely fluid and concise. The opening broken passages in ‘Dirty She’ make this song strong and emphatic. Finally, the cleverly named ‘Wise Fool’ concludes The Dark Plains’ album ‘Come on and Get Some’, this song is a personal favourite and its delicate description of a wise man resonates alongside the gentle guitar accompaniment. Not too heavy, not too frivolous, The Dark Plains have managed to obtain the rare sound of thought-provoking enjoyable, and harmonically concise music.

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