After being inspired to begin a schoolyard air band by Green Day, English artist Darryl Nash quickly discovered a passion for performing. It wasn’t long until he was putting on shows of his own, which led to the forging of his first EP at the age of thirteen. Now, five years later, he’s ready to really make his mark on the music industry with the release of his debut record, Love Sick.

Taking off with its title track, the album introduces itself with an onslaught of energetic electronics ahead of a sobering serenade. There’s a chilling trait to the whole thing as it treks enthrallingly through vivifying verses and cool choruses to create a slick and speedy opening number. “The Murder Chain” is even more enlivening afterwards, storming off upon exhilarating synths before a resolute refrain steps into the spotlight. The music and melody continue to accelerate as it unfolds, ensuring it keeps quick and compelling until its effective finish.

“The Human” heads down a dancier direction then, displaying distorted vocals amid penetrating electronics. The outcome is a delicate but determined addition before “Headache” impresses with its proficient piano playing. This is followed by an eruption of riveting riffs which go on to engross underneath a volley of fast and forceful vocals. What results is an invigorating alternative anthem that remains rapid and arresting throughout.

“I of 8” exhibits a similar style to its predecessor, showcasing a stirring serenade atop gripping guitars and intense electronics. “Nasty Love” opens ominously when it’s done and stomps steadfastly forward across hard-hitting instrumentation and distant singing. “I Paid the Angel” acts as an affecting successor, featuring uplifting synths mixed with a moving melody. “Make that Sound” paces purposefully out of its wake, feeling foreboding as it brings things to an urgent ending.

Nash has delivered a diverse and dexterous endeavour that dabbles in the genres of alt-rock and electro to spawn something that sounds singular and exciting. Its heavy yet accessible style should allow it to appeal to a multitude of music enthusiasts. You can experience Love Sick for yourself when it’s unleashed on May 6th.


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