Rock ‘n’ Roll attitude, high energy and a rhythm that incites and delights the listener, ‘Medicine’ is the third album from singer-songwriter Dave Woodcock and his band The Dead Comedians.

The album kicks off with ‘Kindred Spirits’, a track that immediately takes us back to the 60s and 70s Rock ‘n’ Roll era and sets the tone for the album. Instantly hearing the influence of classic acts such as Guns ‘n’ Roses, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, ‘Medicine’ leaves us without a doubt in the keen grasp of Rock’s fun, fast and energetic beat.

Most of the tracks on the album are no more than 3 minutes long and maintain that fast-paced energy throughout. If anyone is a sucker for a slow song, it’s me but with this album I do not miss it and it does not really need to be broken up with a ballad. The album also mixes its classic Rock sound with newer genres like Punk and Indie. There is also definitely a hint of Ska in their single ‘At the Pharmacy’ which further demonstrates the group’s diversity.

This album could be a soundtrack to a film like Pulp Fiction or Snatch, reeling with a high-octane sound and pure Rock ‘n’ Roll edge. Undoubtedly influenced by 60s and 70s Rock, ‘Medicine’ also expands into modern day genres, incorporating a variety of styles that encompass what is old and what is new about Rock.

Dave Woodcock and The Dead Comedians have produced an exciting album which will please the fans of traditional rock while repackaging the genre for a new generation of fans.