‘Through Your Eyes’ is the new EP from Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter David Benjamin. Playing a brand of uplifting pop-rock that borrows from Jack Johnson and Paolo Nutini, his current release is a bright, summery affair throughout.

Opening track ‘Can’t Get My Head Around Loving You’ is a radio-friendly pop song, brimming with positivity and energy. The drumming is reminiscent of the percussive clapping in Florence and the Machine’s hit ‘Dog Days Are Over’ and coupled with Benjamin’s sweet vocals and well-placed harmonies it makes for a suitably upbeat introduction to the EP.

‘Give It Up’ is a simple acoustic guitar-led piece with Benjamin’s vocals following the melody closely. Though it is overall a nice song, for me it feels a bit unoriginal and dated and does little to make the artist stick in your mind.

The highlight for me came in the form of the EP’s title track. The tempo is slowed down here, and lyrically it is a more melancholy affair. The guitar-playing is very pretty and the chorus has the most character and variation of the release.

‘Until She Leaves’ has quite a contemporary pop feel to it. Calling to mind Jack Johnson in its rhythm and vocal performance and with a chorus that could have been lifted from a Take That song, it is a decent effort, and Benjamin’s falsetto vocals are impressive.

The closing track ‘Sunrise’, despite its misleading title is another slow and morose offering. Its lyrics focus on nature and love, a running theme throughout the release. Benjamin’s vocals are catchy and the lead-guitar lends the track an emotional element.

David Benjamin is a talented singer and songwriter, and the musicianship on show here is flawless. However, the sum of the parts didn’t do much here for me, and though it’s a good release it’s not one that I would feel compelled to give a second listen.