Having recently released the catchy single ‘Coast’ from the fabulous debut album ‘The Longest day in History’, David C Clements brings his mix of upbeat, alternative folk music to Whelan’s tonight and it is a gig worth checking out, I stopped by for a chat with David ahead of tonight’s show.

You have been described as an emerging artist but in fact you have being in the music scene for a while?
It’s certainly not an overnight thing, I have being playing music since school really, aged 15/16. I played in a rock band called Six Star Hotel for ten odd years and when that started to die down I kinda got into more singer song writer, acoustic stuff I was listening to a lot of Ryan Adams, The Frames, Turn. Lots of Irish and Northern Irish acts. I was getting into artists like that and discovering that aspect of music that I liked that’s what I wanted to play and develop. Where I am now is somewhere between the two. I have a full band with me and they recorded the album with me, we really tried to keep the songs at the center of it, lime what a singer songwriter would do, keeping the song at the center and build up a full band around that.

You played support slots to the likes of Ed Sheeran, Passenger, Of Monsters and Men. Just how important is it to get that kind of experience?
Its great, it helps you push your craft, playing with these guys they have different audiences, certainly different to the audiences I am use to playing to, so that’s really good in terms of pushing you in how you interact with the crowd, read the room and what songs you should play and how you play them, so yeah they were all great experiences.

It must be useful to have someone like Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol there to give you guidance?
Gary has been there over the years and has been a massive help to me and supporter of mine, if it wasn’t for him and Third Bar, I wouldn’t have been able to make the album, they were a massive help. Its god knowing a bunch of people who have done it, especially Snow Patrol who have put so much into it.

It’s good knowing and meeting people who have done it for so long and still love music and still make great music . I feel what happens to a lot of bands, when they are starting to hit a point where they are actually writing great music, songs and doing their best work, they are kind of sick of playing together, touring and not getting anywhere. I find it inspiring to meet people who absolutely love it and are really driven to make great music and that’s always something that every time I see Gary, its something I take away from him. It’s just great to meet and know people from different aspects of the industry like management and all those kind of things that you meet along the way who give you pointers and advice.

The latest single from the album is ‘Coast’, you recorded the album in Donegal, it must have been cool to record the album in a place as beautiful as Donegal?
Yeah, Coast was a funny one to record, of all of the other songs it took the most work. We did a lot of live stuff in Donegal and then took it back to my producer Michael Keeney in Abbey Street in Bangor and worked it up into the album. Coast took a lot of work and deconstructing , trying it in different ways, in the end we had to re-do it all in Bangor and it all came together.

It happens sometimes, you try something and it doesn’t work but given a little space and come back to it and Coast was one of those. I think as well you happen to come across things in other songs when you’re recording then that certain sounds and certain styles of playing that you say that sounds great in that song but I wonder if that would work in this song. You take different elements that we had learned from different songs that had worked well and applied that to Coast and it started to make more sense and it’s quite an upbeat, jumpy, little track.

The album launch was in Limelight, Belfast, was it important to you to come back to your hometown for the launch?
It was great to have it there because we played there with Six Star Hotel. It was cool to come back and play there with my new thing. It was all like one story in terms of music and my continuation of it. So yeah, it is good to come back and say well we launched our album there and now I’m back with my own album, so yeah it was great.

The album ‘The Longest Day in History’ was released earlier this year to rave reviews, how important is that to you, to have your work received in such a positive way?
Definitely, it is nice for me to work with Michael Keeney, he was a great influence and artistic voice to bounce things off. We worked really well together. I don’t feel weird listening to it and thinking I really like this. So many people had a hand in it, I can listen to all the parts people created and given to it and appreciate them, they make the song special. When others say it is good and you get praise for that then that confirms it for me that so many people did a great job.

You recently came back from playing SxSW festival in Austin Texas, it must have being a pretty surreal experience?
Yeah, I had been aware of the festival for so many years now and heard sl many different reports from people, part of me knew what to expect. I thought it would be a bit manic and a bit mad with loads of people and noise and it is a little but Sixth Street, where the majority of the festival happens but there was just so much cool stuff in Austin, we just loved it and it was cool to get away with the guys and hang out, play some shows so yeah it was a little surreal. On a Monday morning we did a boat show, so we were on top of this boat going up Ladybird Lake, I thought it was a river but it turns out it was a lake running through Austin, so we took this boat and it was me and Kieran Laverty just singing on this boat in the sunshine, just thinking this is crazy, not my usual Monday morning. It was really cool, a lot of surreal and great moments.

You play Whelan’s this Saturday, will you play any other dates in Ireland this summer?
I haven’t any plans at the moment, but Ireland is our focus right now and we hope to get some more gigs by the end of the year.

David plays Whelan’s of Wexford Street tonight at 8pm, limited numbers of tickets are still available. The album ‘The Longest Day in History’, is available for download and I highly recommend giving it a listen. For more information on David’s music and upcoming gigs, check out davidcclements.com, Facebook and Twitter.

David C Clements – Coast

NEW SINGLE, VIDEO AND SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT.My new single 'Coast' is released today! It's accompanied by this 'behind the scenes' video from the album launch last month in Belfast. We're so rock 'n ' roll… I can also reveal that the boys and I will be playing a show at Whelan's in Dublin on Saturday 21st May. Tickets go on sale via Ticketmaster Ireland this Wednesday at 10am. It's been ages since we were last in town – Eddie Rockets Ireland get the malts ready!

Posted by David C. Clements on Monday, April 11, 2016