Music is harking back to a more alternative mould and we are seeing, and hearing this more frequently than ever especially with independent music. British singer David Knowles is a great example exuding a guitar sound of distinctive pleasure, substance and poetry with his new album Footsteps.

With a gravelly voice similar to Chris Rhea and an acoustic sound similar to Jose Gonzalez Knowles he conveys his music in a very intense tone with a very distinguished voice and sound.

Footsteps is a nine song set and has quite an acoustic approach with overtones of grunge, rock and soul. Despite his originality there are a couple of covers on the album,  one of the tracks Ain’t No Sunshine (the Bill Withers classic) has been covered a lot in the past, but Knowles’s approach is quite nice. The same goes for the Jimi Hendrix cover Hey Joe.

According to his press release lyrically, David draws inspiration from classic writers including William Blake, Oscar Wilde, Jack Kerouac and Hunter Thompson. Years spent traveling the world, this is quite apparent as the songs on Footsteps are poetically profound. Child Soldier being an example, it has a Pearl Jam vibe to it.

Despite all this profoundness the album is dark in tone and mood, Footsteps is not for the faint hearted and don’t listen to it to make you feel joyous. That said it is interesting music and worth a listen, it’s an album that doesn’t overrun and has several gems.

Highlights include:

Child Soldier
The Alchemist
Hey Joe
Ain’t No Sunshine
Silence In The Storm

Knowles will be embarking on a short live tour incorporating a series of exclusive “Live in your Living Room” shows for fans and taking in a series of UK dates as well as Wexford/Ireland and Amsterdam/Netherlands.

Fans signing up to the David Knowles mailing list can win the opportunity to host their own “David Knowles Live in your Living Room” show later this year. Knowles is also due to perform at the Bedford in Balham, south-west London on 30th March.