Deliah is a Liverpool R&B/Soul duo consisting of vocalist Michelle Harris and guitarist Alex Dopierala. After meeting at an audition for the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts in 2013, the pair started writing music together and have since gigged extensively both in their hometown and nationally.

Their new single ‘Any Last Words’ is a laid back, summery affair, with a groovy drum beat. Dopierala has an unconventional approach to guitar-playing, achieving a somewhat jazzy sound which works well coupled with Harris’ soulful voice. Her singing style is contemporary, reminiscent of Adele and at times Amy Winehouse. Despite this, the overall sound harks back to the jazz and soul-influenced pop of the 90’s, calling to mind the music of Gabrielle and Jamiroquai.

Lyrically the song tells of infidelity breaking down a relationship. Harris’ strong vocals fit well with the protagonist’s power, having taken charge of the situation, dictating that the relationship is coming to an end and ‘I’ll decide when, and I’ll decide how.’ Starting quietly and with soft vocals, Harris’ voice eventually breaks free of its shackles, demonstrating an impressive range and strength in the song’s climax. Though the title almost certainly refers to last words before she leaves, I prefer to picture Harris standing over her former significant other, axe in hand, teasingly asking ‘Any last words?’

This single is a smooth and cool track that will appeal to pop fans of all ages. Michelle Harris is a very talented vocalist, and one that will go down very well in the current musical climate. Overall ‘Any Last Words’ is a nice and catchy pop song, and may see Deliah reach a wider audience soon.