Deliah – ‘Any Last Words’ Single Review

Deliah – ‘Any Last Words’ Single Review

R & B act Deliah was first conceived when vocalist Michelle Harris met guitarist Alex Dopierala while trying out for entry to the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. The pair have become a familiar presence on their hometown’s live circuit since beginning their collaboration in 2013 and are known to share a broad taste in music. Citing artists such as Amy Winehouse and Kendrick Lamar as influences, Michelle has claimed that their style represents “both of [their] personalities personified.”

Their latest single, “Any Last Words”, sails straight into a strikingly smooth harmony ahead of bursting into a bout of boisterous instrumentation. It adopts a quick pace as it progresses, featuring plenty of guitars and percussion that afford it a lot of character. The consistently stunning vocal work perfectly complements the jazzy riffs as they develop towards a vigorous climax before fading out and lingering.

The new track is available for streaming on Soundcloud, along with several other pieces, the first of which is entitled “Spying on Life”. Beginning with a mellow musical introduction, it leads into a stirring melody brought to life by vibrant vocals that go on to demonstrate an amazingly wide range. Its cool and collected approach gives off a self-assured, resolute attitude.

Of the final two offerings, acoustic demo “Talk Tonight” is very stripped down instrumentally, once again exhibiting a passionate, heartfelt harmony that steals the show. “This Is A Waste” carries a similar vibe, but is slightly funkier than its predecessor, differentiating itself with a well executed duet during the chorus.

Judging by the material here, and “Any Last Words” in particular, it would be hard to guess that Deliah are still a relatively new band on the scene. They’ve managed to forge a very accomplished style that’s enacted with a great deal of professionalism. It makes for quite an impactful listen and its radio friendly sound should set the duo off towards a bright future.