Delilah is a Hungarian-born vocalist who relocated to Canada in her youth. Having spent most of younger years performing in a 20 piece ensemble under fellow Hungarian performer Bongo Margit and violinist Sonny Walker, Delilah is no stranger to putting on a show. Her most recent release, Delilah Sings Sarah is an EP of jazz standards that were performed by legendary jazz vocalist Sarah Vaughan and was released in February on Groove United Records.

The first track, “September in the Rain”, feels odd hearing jazz with such modern sounding production. It only helps Delilah’s performance shine through however, as her soul-filled vocals are supported by a really tight band, making for a very enjoyable listen.

“Just Friends” is up next and it’s a much slower, dreamier number that sees a plinky piano take the centre stage alongside Delilah, with subtle horns and a walking bassline laying the foundation.

“Whatever Lola Wants” gives things a hint of bossa nova and her vocals have a hint of danger in them. Hearing her showcase her vocal versatility is a real treat and because of that, this song is the highlight of the release.

“Smile” is the final number, it’s another slow mover, but it feels like the right way to end things. The backing band really deserve a moment of recognition for their work here. While they never go off on instrumental tangents, they really allow Delilah to shine on every track.

In a world where jazz is on its slow decline, it’s wonderful to hear an artist such as Delilah take on some standards, putting her own mark on them, and making them an absolute joy to listen to.

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