Self proclaimed folk-rock-reggae ensemble Dem Fools have been hitting the live scene hard since making the cover of Pure M precursor, MRU back in late 2011. Originating in the Dublin suburb of Skerries, the quintet gig regularly around the capital and have also been known to take to the stage at a number of Irish festivals, including Electric Picnic.

Their EP, You Know This, is still being given the finishing touches, but we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on a preview of what’s to come. The jazzy and playful instrumental introduction of “Everybody Knows” gets things off to a lively start ahead of a very characterful melody. This steadily paced and fun pop/rock number remains active and animated throughout, adopting a nice lighthearted approach.

“Love Won’t Win” bounces along towards enthusiastic vocals on a merry beat. It carries a bright and optimistic sound that makes for a relaxing listen. It’s followed by “Something Wrong”, which is another pleasant anthem that dances in with cordial guitars and a soft harmony. Its relaxing rhythm and gentle pace are very easy on the ears.

Pounding percussion prefaces vivid vocals as “Body N Soul” begins by taking on a much more dire tone than its predecessors. Pacing forward urgently, its demeanour is surprisingly bitter and aggressive in comparison to the contented vibe of its companions. This works very much in its favour though, as its passionate and sullen execution keeps it extremely engrossing.

Dem Fools are heading in a promising direction with their current style. You’d certainly never guess that these tracks were still in the post-production stage by listening to them. You Know This is shaping up to be an accomplished and accessible compilation that will surely have a broad appeal.

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