Next month will see the arrival of a track entitled “It’s In Your Eyes”, on which English artist Diane Charlemagne collaborated with Andy Rourke of iconic ensemble The Smiths. Unfortunately, it will also serve as the final piece produced by Charlemagne, following her untimely death due to cancer on October 28th.

The accomplished musician has achieved a lot down through the decades, leaving her mark on the music industry through her association with several successful acts. She broke big both at home and across the Atlantic in the eighties after joining jazz/funk band 52nd Street, but she’s perhaps best known for fronting Urban Cookie Collective, with whom she had two top ten hits before the turn of the century. During her career, she also collaborated with composers such as Moby and Goldie, ensuring that her achievements will not be forgotten any time in the foreseeable future.

Her soon to be released swansong serves as an enthralling tribute to her talent. Opening with the sound of a phone dialling, an arresting beat ensues and stomps stirringly towards a volley of very vigorous vocals. The passionate persuasion of the singing hits hard and engrosses as it resounds through the senses. The music remains brisk and biting in the background, keeping things cool while complementing the expressive attitude of the lyrics.

A compelling chorus comes next and features a whole host of energetic instrumental elements amid an absorbing melody that sails smoothly forward. The intensity continues into the second stanza, where another heartfelt harmony captivates with its immense power. Things tone down for a laid-back breakdown before it all bursts back into a resonant refrain and slick instrumentation. A fervent fade out follows to finish the affair with a collection of characterful sound effects.

This is an extremely arresting anthem from Diane Charlemagne that simultaneously sooths and excites as it unfolds. Its enticing R ‘N’ B rhythm and spirited serenades offer more than enough accessibility for it to go over well both on the radio and with a wide array of listeners in general. It serves as an enlivening legacy to a lady that has given so much of herself to the art of music for such a long time. “It’s In Your Eyes” is due to drop on November 20th and the proceeds from its sales will go to Charlemagne’s family.

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