Direct Divide are a trio based in Monterey, California. They are made up of Razz on lead vocals and strings, multi-instrumentalist Kevin Proctor playing guitar and synthesizer and Valdemar Huguet on drums. They describe their music as “violin intensified rock”. They are easily one of the most unique bands I have come across in a long time. Their newest release “Own Your Ocean” is due out July 7th.

The opening track “Kick It” is a high-octane alternative rock song. The verses are filled with piano and drums with Razz’s powerful vocals trading off with the violin. The huge chorus would sound right at home in stadiums. Whenever the violin is distorted, while it does sound quite like guitar, it has a certain quality that makes it sound unique.

“Renegade” is much less symphonic, with more of a rock sound. It could be compared to alt rockers such as Paramore, but once again the violin replacing lead guitar really helps the band set themselves apart from the crowd.

It is interesting to see how the band can swap between songs that wouldn’t sound out of place on a film soundtrack to rock songs and they do the same again with the next two tracks “Tide Is Rising” and “We Are Legion”. The final track “1000 Years” is an interesting combination of the two and is a really suitable choice to bring the EP to a close.

Direct Divide are one of the more interesting bands to come out in recent times. Their experimentation with violin as well as Razz’s booming voice is sure to set them apart from their contemporaries.

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