All songs on the new album from Padraig McCauley, aka Disconcerting P, could be summed up with one word – charm. Each song on the artist’s second LP, has an intimacy and playfulness to it that makes it a joy to listen to. The lyrics flow and ebb, and exhibit a personal nature that suits the gentle acoustically driven sound of McCauley’s music.

“Cool Like You” is a very pleasant, summery song that immediately catches the listener’s attention. It is reminiscent of a Noah And The Whale track, but the song’s lyrics give it a more grown-up feel without losing its light-hearted manner. It is a very original sounding song, one that evokes imagery of a serene, coastal drive with a clear-blue sky.

“Hey Man” is the most enjoyable track on the record as the melody and chords blend together to a perfect degree. The lyrics again appear to be telling a story about McCauley’s life, while still remaining universal enough to also apply to the listener. He laments a fractured relationship with someone, and the difficulty encountered in the potential repair process.

The record maintains the momentum gained from the previous song, as “Binki” begins with with rapid guitar strumming, and the constancy of the bass line adds a necessary backbone to the song. This track holds a similarity to a Paul Simon song, as it manages to achieve a beautiful balance between all its components. It is all the more impressive, as such a comprehensive and full sound has been achieved by a solo artist.

“Ain’t Workin’” is a similarly paced song with a timely change in the chorus to punctuate the rhythmic guitar playing that is maintained throughout the record. One of the most distinguishable aspects of Shakin’ is its simplicity and stripped back sound that makes for very easy listening. The gentle nature of McCauley’s vocals also assists in this respect.

“I’m Never Wrong” is the final track and its quivering, oceanic notes create a tender song that is a fitting outro and antithesis to the more directly upbeat songs found in rest of the record. The track finishes to the sound of an intricate, echoing solo that ends the record on an impressive note.

Shakin’ is available for download from Disconcerting P’s Bandcamp page, with optional donation. Any music fans will enjoy the artistry that is naturally displayed in this Kildare man’s album.


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