I checked out American rapper DJ Melodic’s stuff. He got some good rhymes on some well-produced tracks.

‘Lovelyday’ is a nice chilled out track. He’s got the smooth flow which works well for what he’s talking about. The track itself is nice, old-school feel good hiphop. He lays down a rhyme in the first minute of the track and then there’s singing from then on in. This is good but I would’ve liked to hear him put another rhyme into the track.

‘What is love’ is a soulful track backed by almost ghostly vocals. This sounds good but occasionally does step on the rhymes.

He kind of falls down a bit on ‘Work’. It’s nothing more than the usual gangster thing. He’s smarter on other tracks. This is nothing that hasn’t being done a million times before. You know the type of thing – I’m the best there ever was with lyrics like, “You’re about to get popped/No you won’t stop/You’re about to get dropped.” And apparently he’s going to make some money. Maybe rappers feel like they need to do a track like this but I think it’s time they got past it.

And on ‘Dreams ’97’ he shows he can do better as well. When this song starts the beat sounds as deep as a Massive Attack tune. And the lyrics have the depth here to match it. He’s talking about life on the street again but it sounds real rather than a general ‘I’m a big hard gangster’ tune. Good political lyrics are contrasted by a chorus which sounds like something a parent would sing to a child.

His stuff’s up here on Soundcloud and there you’ll find links to all his other online hangouts so give him your likes and your listens.