Just before the turn of the century, London based singer/songwriter Doc Hartley made a vow to himself. He would make it his goal in life to create an alt-rock album that would be heralded as good enough to be counted alongside the music of his own heroes and role models. So began a quest that would span the better part of two decades.

Driven by his ambition, Hartley devoted his life to realising this singular objective, making the acquaintance of some of the industry’s finest workers in the process. As he finally readied himself to put his record together, he teamed up with Steve Orchard, a Grammy Award winning sound-engineer and producer known for his work with the legendary Paul McCartney.

He also enlisted drummer Alex Reeves, keyboardist Nikolaj Torp Larsen, guitarists Dean Tidey and Luke Potashnick and backing vocalist Carrie Haber to collaborate on his endeavour. Finally, he invited an ensemble of twenty one teenage musicians to Islington’s Angel Studios where they were led by conductor Nick Ingman in arranging the project’s string scores.

With the lineup complete and the capital for the undertaking fronted by Hartley himself, he founded the Golden Spiral Records label to distribute the resultant compilation. The culmination of this near twenty year labour of love was Everybody Needs Some, whose lead single, “Come On”, hit the market this year.

The light and airy riff that begins the piece immediately establishes a relaxing and amiable atmosphere. Soft and soothing vocals soon join in as the first verse takes off. The instrumentation proceeds to grow pleasantly on approach to the warm and affective chorus, where a lively and infectious melody erupts, carrying a very reassuring quality with it.

Becoming increasingly energetic and enthusiastic as it progresses, it exudes irresistible amounts of passion and feeling that captivate completely. The string work is particularly arresting, stirring up a lot of positive emotion through its optimistic execution. The whole thing sails smoothly forward in the direction of a truly absorbing conclusion.

This easy and accessible pop/rock composition exhibits a moving sound and enthralling rhythm that result in a wonderfully riveting listening experience. “Come On” is available on iTunes now, along with Everybody Needs Some, and is definitely worth checking out.

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