Scottish alt-rock ensemble Donnie Willow originally exploded onto the scene back in 2013 and have been busy building up a fervent fan-base in Britain ever since. Drawing influence from the likes of Arcane Roots, Deftones and Reuben, members Arthur Piddington, Peter Bunting and Sam Peppiette have cultivated a compellingly clamorous sound for themselves that’s caught the attention of a number of high-profile media outlets in the UK, including Kerrang, Rock Sound and BBC Radio One.

The remainder of 2017 looks set to be a productive period for the band, with an assortment of shows scheduled across Scotland, England and Wales in June as well as a performance lined up at Newcastle’s Narc Fest among other events. And as if all that isn’t enough, the proficient trio have just thrown out a brand new EP entitled Exhibition.

The fantastically fiery four track compilation bursts to life via the superbly penetrating riffs of “Stuck”, giving rise to a wonderfully raucous atmosphere ahead of the engrossingly guttural serenade that steals the spotlight during the delightfully rambunctious first chorus. Two and a half minutes of comparatively mellow but equally energising vocals, guitars and drums follow here before “Blessed Company” comes in to captivate with its incredibly hard-hitting instrumentation and spectacularly expressive singing.

“Toys” adopts an absorbingly urgent demeanour when it’s done, racing off upon a plethora of pressing musical motifs that mesmerise on the way to the remarkably rousing harmony of the tremendously tumultuous stanza. Things take a more melodic turn as the proceedings progress, resulting in an oddly affecting yet magnificently ferocious offering that leaves a lasting impression. It’s succeeded by the lighter but no less enlivening “I Still Remember”, which manages to make a powerful impact as it paces pensively forward, providing the record with an exceptionally sobering finale.

Donnie Willow have delivered an endearingly boisterous and bracing blend of post-hardcore and punk here that stays entrancingly zealous from start to finish. Its mighty mixture of robust riffs, forceful refrains and indomitable drumming is certain to excite a vast and varied array of rock enthusiasts. You can download Exhibition for yourself from iTunes now.

Donnie Willow: Exhibition EP review
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