The retro shooter will be making a return to gamers’ screens this year with a release date set for Friday the 13th, this May.

Doom will be headed to the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game will not be released on the previous generation of consoles. Bethesda Softworks, a ZeniMax Media Company and id Software are behind the new release of Doom.


id Software is the original developer behind the iconic first person shooter. They were first to pioneer the multiplayer death match. Now, Doom returns as a modern first person shooter, with fluid game play mechanics and futuristic weapons to take on hordes of demons.

Players’ who bought Wolfenstein: The New Order can expect to receive an invitation to the Doom beta. However, there is no information on when the beta will be released.

doom 1

Players who bought Wolfenstein on the old generation consoles will still receive an invitation to the beta on the new generation consoles. Bethesda said: “If you purchase an Xbox 360 or Xbox One version of Wolfenstein: The New Order, you will receive an invitation to the Xbox One Doom beta. PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 purchasers will receive an invite to the PS4 Doom beta.”

The game will feature a selection of multiplayer types and a single player campaign mode.

Moreover, A special edition bundle has been announced for Doom. The bundle includes a 12’ tall statue of one of the game’s most iconic demon, ‘The Revenant’. It will also include a steel book case for the game.  The special edition bundle will cost €129.99.


doom se

All pre-orders will include the ‘Demon Multiplayer Pack’. The exclusive pack will contain the following:

  • A Unique Demon Armour Set
  • Three skin variations
  • Six metallic paint colours & id Software logos (All of which, can be added to the player’s weapons and armor.)
  • Six Hack Modules
  • One-time consumables for multiplayer.