On February 12 Drake shocked the rap world by dropping what he described as his fourth mix tape entitled “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”. He had previously stated that his fourth album was to be entitled “Views From The 6” but having been released on iTunes it is considered an album by some despite Drake stating it is a mix tape.

The mix tape opens with “Legend” in which Drake declares “If I die I’m a legend”. The second track is “Energy” which sounds quite similar to “Started From the Bottom” but with a darker mood to it. On “10 Bands” Drake raps about the money he has stacking up,

“Know Yourself” and “No Tellin'” are pretty generic Drake tracks, however track 6 Madonna is dark and smoky and something different.  Again “6 God” and “Star67” are generic Drake tracks.


Two PARTYNEXTDOOR collaborations follow starting with “Preach” and then “Wednesday Night Interlude”, which are two personal favourites, especially the latter of the two.

“Used To” marks the only Lil Wayne appearance, at least vocally anyway. It is then followed by two more generic Drake tracks in “6 Man” and “Now & Forever”. Not to say there is anything wrong with any of the generic Drake tracks, just that there is nothing really new in them.

“Company” featuring Travi$ Scott follows. This is a stand out track on the mix tape. It is dark, like most of the album and it features good stuff from both Drake and Travi$. It also sums up the new direction Drake has gone in for this release.


“You and the 6” pays homage to Drakes mother and is lyrically one of the deepest songs on the album. You can feel the heartfelt verses and the focus is on lyrics. “Jungle” samples Gabriel Garzon-Montano’s 6 8 to maximum effect. It is a love song with Drake talking to his ‘one and only’ checking if they’re ‘still good’.


Finally the album ends with the third instalment of Drake’s “In The AM” series. In this track Drake disses and and attacks a number of fellow rappers, including Tyga, and the song also features no hook.

Overall, it is a top notch mix tape and could even be seen as a decent album. Drake switches styles throughout but still maintains a dark, smoky sound throughout. It starts strong but in my opinion the second half of the album is superior with strong collaborations with Travi$ Scott, Lil Wayne and PARTYNEXTDOOR.

Check out: Company, Madonna, You and the 6, Jungle, Energy and Wednesday Night Interlude