dsfečo is without a doubt one of the most interesting musicians I have come across this year. Born David Fetcho and born in Pittsburgh 1948 he spent much of his career as a composer for hire, working in theatre, television and radio as well as spending time in various bands like The P.D.U.S.M and psychedelic band The People. Despite keeping busy throughout his long career, he only recently released his debut EP “Watch It Sparkle” in March and for someone who has been around the block a few times, it’s a strikingly modern sounding bunch of songs.

“Not Again” starts things off, it’s a spacey sounding number with echoing keyboards and restless percussion. Fetcho’s vocals are really believable and are quite reminiscent of Jim Morrison. It’s an interesting mix of styles.

The third track, “Watch It Sparkle” is a twisted, dream like song that has a distinct avant-garde feel. It’s by no means easy listening, but it is an interesting listen, once again, it sounds like what a modern day Doors would sound like. The second half of the song picks up a bit with a kick drum setting the pace before returning back to being a crazy mess.

The sixth and final track “Just Another Day” is a great tune to end things on. It’s easily the most melodic song on the album and is backed by synthesizer and what sounds like some sort of stringed instrument similar to a harp. While the instruments wander, Fetcho sings in a way that almost makes it sound like he’s telling a story. Towards the end, things start sounding dissonant but given the nature of the music it feels like the right way to end things.

All in all, “Watch It Sparkle” is by no means something you can stick on and listen to in the background, but it is an interesting mix of styles. Fetcho’s long spanning career has culminated in this avant-garde group of songs that have a slight hint of psychedelic influence.


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