Duke Special – Nail on the Head (Single)

Belfast-based Duke Special returns with his new album Look Out Machines! on April 3rd. Lead single Nail on the Head is a tantalising taste of what we can expect from the Award-winning singer-songwriter and pianist.

Since coming to the public’s attention over a decade ago, Duke Special has consistently experimented with new musical styles and expanded his horizons, while maintaining a unique and original sound. This latest single is no change and looks set to dominate the airwaves both at home and abroad over the coming months.

Nail on the Head takes the listener on a whimsical journey through orchestral backdrops, 1980’s synthpop and military drumming, with Duke’s signature piano and sweet vocals guiding the way. The suitably quirky video shows Duke performing the song in a large, old-looking house, his audience consisting only of a young woman in a native American style headdress dancing along.

Duke Special’s unique image has set him apart from all other musicians in the country, often being as much of a talking point as his music itself. However, he has shown himself to be a prolific and constantly inventive musician, and this new single shows no sign of his fascinating talent letting up.

Nail on the Head is set for release on April 3rd along with the new album Look Out Machines! You can catch Duke Special live on May 15th in Mandela Hall, Belfast and May 16th in Vicar St., Dublin.