Dublin band The Dyatonics released their highly anticipated second EP on Monday November 10, at The Workmans Club. Support on the night came from Days in August and Bridge Rails.

I arrived at the venue soaking wet from our beautiful Irish weather, it was early, around 7.30pm. Chatting away to two reps inside the door from the Dublin pub crawl they were telling me. “On weekends we deal with over two hundred people and tonight we only have seven people on the books.”¬† This got me thinking, is going to be one of them gigs? Five people, great music and nobody to share in the musical magic?

I got a nice cosey spot near the fire at the bar, trying to dry off my wet clothes and noticed the venue was starting to get a bit busy and the build up to the gig was looking pretty exciting. The turnout was actually massive on the night, even the doorman told me they had to recruit in staff to cover the gig, he thought this was unusual for a Monday night.

I found myself a nice spot at the back of the room, right next to the sound engineer and probably the best seat in the house too. The lights dimmed and The Dyatonics exploded into to sound, they got a warm and enthusiastic welcome from the audience. At this moment, all I could see was a flock of bouncing heads up at the front of the crowd, complete hysteria and madness from their fans.

It’s great seeing a crowd reaction like this and the band was feeding off their buzz all the way. Their energy on stage was intense, explosive and what you should expect from a decent live act. The Dyatonics certainly brought that high entertaining energy onto the stage and gave one hell of a show on the night.

There was even fun moments when the drummer, somehow managed to get off his drums and come out from behind his skins and take a selfie and then sit back down, and still continued the song in perfect sync. I’m not sure if it was well rehearsed, but I did chat to him after the gig and he told me he forgot to save the photo, that made even funnier. So it was a selfie fail.

You might be asking, so what do they sound like? good question, well as a band they all differ in musical influences, as a live band you can hear this in many of their songs. In parts I was hearing Arctic Monkeys when kicked into their track “Slurr” and with the live energy of Biffy Clyro. Even hints of Chili Peppers with some of their more funky songs like “She Wants”.

It is difficult to pin a genre onto a group of lads that sounds so well together. I think they’re just an all round good entertaining, high energetic rock band, and they proven that to me on the night of their EP launch gig.

However for a young upcoming five piece band from Dublin, with a few tweaks here and there, The Dyatonics have most of the ingredients to go on and become a huge success. It is only their second EP and the group is fresh on the scene since 2012.  As a band in the process and making, I can clearly see they are growing in strength and also gel well together on stage.

For me I think the Irish live scene needs more bands like The Dyatonics. Catching a live set from this band is a must for anybody who loves live energetic bands or even better grab a copy of their latest EP.

Photo by Omar O’Reilly

The Dyatonics  setlist/ November 10
On The Floor
Walk Away (EP)
Zombie Nation (cover)
Shark Tooth Lizard
She Wants
Charade (EP)
The Cove
Fancy (cover)
Norlands (EP)
Slurr (EP)
Our Love