Ubisoft showed up to E3 2016 with a multitude of upcoming games. If you missed it, you can watch the entire two-hour show below, along with a brief recap of everything the French developer had to offer.

Just Dance 2017

Ubi kicked off their conference with a Queen inspired dance number to promote, well, dancing.  Just Dance 2017 is set to release on all current consoles, and surprisingly the Nintendo NX in October.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

The military action shooter returned with a more extensive looks this year. The story takes place in the narco state of Boliva, where the player must face-off against a ruthless, Mexican cartel. In typical Ghost Recon fashion, players can either play solo, or with four-player co-op.

In the live gameplay demo, the player and his co-op partner infiltrated an enemy camp in search of information related to a vital target. Once the information was found, the pair hopped onto a helicopter, picking up two more players along the way.

Ubisoft emphasised the need for teamwork, if players wish to gain the advantage over their enemies. Excluding the corny roleplaying, Wildlands looks to be a gun blazing get together that will have players amassing hours of playtime.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands launches on March 17,2017, presumably for all major platforms.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

The brilliant, slightly unhinged, minds behind South Park frolicked onto the Ubisoft stage to promote their follow up to 2014’s The Stick of Truth.

The group has become bored with the mystical realm of elves and wizards, so instead, they have created their own superhero universe. Unfortunately for the The New Kid, his rank has been downgraded from ‘king’ to ‘douchebag,’ yet again.

As for character customisation, only three classes were shown: Blaster, Speedster, and Brutalist. The darkened images beside the highlighted characters indicate that a further nine classes will be made available.

Like all superheroes, our character needs an origin story, which Trey Parker and Matt Stone were more than happy to supply. Cartman narrates our hero’s tale, which inevitably leads to his father having sex with his mother.

Moving on to the combat system, players can now move freely, hide behind cover, push and pull enemies, and initiate a flatulent based move to rearrange turn orders.

Pre-ordering the Fractured But Hole will get you a free copy of The Stick of Truth. At least, it’s something to keep you occupied until the sequel releases on December 6th.

Eagle Flight

Ubisoft were the only company to demonstrate actual VR footage at this year’s E3. The live demo of Eagle Flight saw four players don the VR headsets and take on the perspective of eagles, flying through the overgrown streets of Paris. The concept is promising and certaintly innovative, but graphically it struggles.

Eagle Flight will be available for all VR platforms this fall.

Star Trek VR

Continuing their Virtual Reality display, Ubisoft showed off some early footage of Star Trek VR, as a group of former and present cast members spoke about their experience with the headset.

At the moment, it is unclear how the game will work, but Ubisoft seem adamant on replicating the experience of commanding The Enterprise, and boldly go where… ah, you know the rest.

The game is titled Bridge Crew and will be available this fall on all major VR platforms.

For Honor

For Honor opened with a new CGI trailer, shedding more light on the post-apocalyptic brawler. The enigmatic, director, Jason VandenBerghe, returned to recite yet another gritty tale about the land of For Honor.

The grizzled director confirmed For Honor will have a campaign for players to hone their skills before jumping into the multiplayer. The gameplay demo showcased a mission, in the newly announced story mode, where a battalion of Vikings stormed a Samurai palace.

The live demo concluded with the lead Viking doing some serious chopping to his opponent’s lower half. As seen in the trailer, melee combat relies heavily on skill and precision, otherwise you will meet a gruesome like our samurai friend.

For Honor will release for all major consoles on February 14th, 2017.

Trials of the Blood Dragon

The masterminds behind Trials and Far Cry: Blood Dragon have joined forces to create a new expansion, which looks like some sort of side-scrolling toy commercial from the early ‘90s. The nonsensical DLC is available for download now.

Watch Dogs 2

Prior to E3, Ubisoft got the hype train rolling with an early look at the hacking extravaganza that is Watch Dogs 2. The live demo saw the new protagonist, Marcus Halloway, sending a drone to gather intel on a corrupt political campaign.

Once Marcus had completed his objective, he decides to infiltrate the building and take out everyone inside with his arsenal of guns and gadgets. Compared to the original, both the combat and parkour segments seem much more intuitive and responsive.

Watch Dogs 2 lauches November 15, 2016 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


Apart from SSX, the gaming industry is sorely lacking extreme sports games. Ubisoft, however, is looking to fill that void with Steep.

Based on the live demo, players will have the choice of four categories to descend the treacherous mountains of Alaska. The developers, also demonstrated ‘Mountain View’, a system that allows the player to track their progress through the snowy landscape.

Steep launches this December for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.