The Xbox One S and Project Scorpio were the standouts of Microsoft’s conference, underpinning the company’s new focus on video games.

Microsoft’s vision for the future is quite overwhelming, as they presented a horde of already announced titles – ReCore, Halo Wars 2, Gears 4 – and a slate of sequels. Here at Pure M, we’ve condensed the lengthy, game-filled presentation into most important news and announcements.

The Xbox One S

During the build-up for E3, Sony, and Microsoft confirmed they are working on more powerful, upgraded versions of the PS4 and Xbox One. As it is, Microsoft have fired the first shot in this upcoming console war.

The Xbox One S will be available this August, with the traditional enhancement of a console in the middle of its lifecycle: thinner, smaller, and a handful of internal improvements.

Xbox Play Anywhere

Xbox’s new catalogue of games will be playable on Xbox One and Windows 10; so if you purchase a downloadable title on Xbox One, you can also play it on your PC. The first set of games to integrate this functionality will be: ReCore, Gears of War 4, and Halo Wars 2.


Gears of War 4

The first game to light up the Xbox stage was Gears of War 4. Everyone at The Coalition hope the long awaited next gen exclusive will be a major success this fall – more so than the 2013 spinoff Gears of War: Judgement.

We are introduced to a new squad of COGS led by Marcus Fenix’ son, JD, as they battle across a stormy and electrified plane, culminating in a mammoth-sized monster bursting out of a bunker.

Killer Instinct

Seguing into Killer Instinct, we are reminded of the range of characters, from other Xbox licences, that have joined the roaster, recently– Arbiter from Halo and Rash from Battletoads.

On this occasion, General Ramm, from Gears of War, is joining the fray. With yet another fighter being added, it seems Killer Instinct is steadily becoming Microsoft’s equivalent to Super Smash Bros.

Forza Horizon 3

Set Down Under, the latest addition to the Forza franchise allows for cross-platform racing with multiple control setups.

Horizon is visually stunning, and looks like an ambitious, colourful sequel to a series that has quickly become one of the best experiences on Xbox One. Dirt and sand strikes the screen, as players drift through the dynamic landscapes of Australia.


Last year, we were introduced to the vague world of ReCore. Twelve months later, we received a quick gameplay trailer, showcasing the various robotic buddies that will be accompanying the mysterious female protagonist on her travels.

The Indies

From the creators of Limbo, Inside will release on June 29th. The creepy and ominous atmosphere of its predecessor is certainly present in Inside.

In celebration, Limbo is currently free on Xbox Live for the four people, who have yet to play the menacing side-scroller.

Microsoft expressed their support for indie developers through a tidy sizzle reel: Cuphead, Outlast 2, Deliver Us the Moon, Stardew Valley, Hand of Fate, and Below. Maybe one day we will finally get our hands on Cuphead. Well, one can hope.

We Happy Few

Speaking of creepy, We Happy Few will definitely have you wincing and gasping during its recent gameplay trailer.

The initial image of the trailer is that of a headline, which reads “Hasting Brothers Win Scrap Award”, a man, whose perspective the audience has adopted, becomes increasingly upset as he reads it.

A woman enters wearing some sort of mime mask, concerned about his behaviour, she asks if the character has taken his ‘Joy’. These pills seem blur the lines between fantasy and reality for the user. What ensues is quite disturbing, and just plain weird; it’s definitely one to watch out for.


Remember all those hours you spent playing Gwent instead of rescuing babies from being eaten by those nasty beasties in the woods? Well, CD Projekt Red heard about it, and they wish to reward you with your very own Gwent game! Congrats.

All joking aside, CDPR confirmed they are working on a cross-play, multiplayer version of Gwent. The Wicther card game will include a “monumental single-player campaign.”

Admittedly, the original Gwent format was rather flawed, so CDPR has completely redesigned the visuals, added more content, but kept the basic concept of the game.

Players can sign up for the closed beta now at, which starts in September.

Tekken 7

The Tekken series returns with a cinematic fight between Street Fighter’s Akuma and Tekken’s Heihachi. At first, we all thought it was the resurgence of the almighty flop that was Tekken x Street Fighter, instead it was just Tekken 7.

Nothing much to say about the gameplay; its reminiscent of the previous games with some much improved visuals. The revitalised series is coming to Xbox One 2017; it will include a story mode and a free copy of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for Xbox Live Gold Members.

Dead Rising 4      

Frank is back, as is Dead Rising, but we all knew that due to those pesky rumours and leaks prior to the show. Its everything we have come to love, and expect from the wacky series: Frank scooping up zombies and launching them into stratosphere, taking selfies with the undead, breathing fire through a giant Triceratops head.

In any case, it will definitely make those family reunions all the more enjoyable this Christmas.

Halo Wars 2

The real-time strategy series returns with a very unexpected sequel. Although, it won’t release until February 2017, Microsoft launched a week long beta on stage, and will end on June 20th.

Project Scorpio

As mentioned previously, Project Scorpio stole the headlines at this year’s Xbox press conference. This monstrous piece of hardware will have six terraflops of GPU power, 4k gaming, 60hz rendering and zero frame-rate compromises.

Microsoft promises: “No one will be left behind,” as Xbox One games will be compatible with Project Scoprio. The next generation of console lauches Holiday 2017