American artist Nathan West spent the better part of two decades earning a living as an actor before turning his attention towards music and releasing his first EP under the alias of East of Eli at the start of 2014. Specialising in a stirring synthesis of folk and pop, the Alaskan native hopes that his material will help inspire and connect people from all walks of life so that he might one day be able to say that he had a hand in making the world a better place.

This week saw the release of his latest single “Nowhere”, which also features the talents of his wife Chyler Leigh, who many may recognise as the actress who portrays dedicated DEO agent Alex Danvers on The CW’s superb Supergirl show.

Taken from West’s upcoming compilation, Lost Transmission, the entrancing three and a half minute tune is introduced through a salvo of celestial synths which give rise to an otherworldly ambience ahead of the fantastically affecting first verse. There’s a captivating cool characteristic to the music as the melody drifts gently across the senses on the way to a spectacularly spirited chorus at the end of the opening minute.

An enticingly soft second stanza follows from here before a hushed but heartfelt breakdown takes over just past the halfway point. This is succeeded by another volley of effervescent vocals and invigorating instrumentation as the whole thing trots enthrallingly towards a touching terminus.

East of Eli has spawned a remarkably moving folk/pop piece here that embeds itself in the mind and refuses to withdraw. The adept singing skills of West and Leigh combined with the absorbingly ethereal instrumentation will undoubtedly allure a large listenership. Be sure to investigate “Nowhere” for yourself on iTunes now.


East of Eli
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