Americana singer-songwriter Ed Dupas’ new record Tennessee Night, has the right ratio with its grace and grit sound throughout the Americana bluesy album.

The opening song ‘Too Big To Fail’ has a soothing taste for what is yet to come; it jumps straight in with a classic Americana sound made to be turned up on the stereo. He tells his ideas on the condition his country is in with a riff alike to Steve Earle, “There’s people on the roof, and there’s people in the streets. They are shouting names and wanting change, the kind they’ve never seen.” He believes that ‘love is too big to fail.’

Following the first track, ‘Two Wrongs’ is an uptempo rocker tune, whereas the third song which the title is self-explanatory, ‘Headin’ Home Again’ has a much softer sound and a laid back feeling to it featuring Judy Banker on harmony vocals.

‘Do It For Me,’ ‘Some Things,’ and ‘Promised Land’ are emotional ballads compared to ‘Anthem,’ and ‘Everything’s In Bloom’ which are hard-hitting rock tunes to dance along to.

The Detroit-based Americana-rocker wrote his lyrics refreshingly truthful and sung each song with such a soothing, warmth and a melodic tone creating a soulful sound; Dupas’ music is inspired by personal love and loss, as well as broad social themes. Throughout the 11-track album, influences like Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams, and Steve Earle shine through.

There is a perfect balance of rockers and ballads on Tennessee Night, featuring special guests Judy Banker, Tara Cleveland, and Cole Handson. With his critically acclaimed debut album A Good American Life, under his belt, the follow-up record has lived up to the great expectations creating his own place in the country and Americana scene.