I adore music and rate how good I think songs are based on the lyrics. I see lyrics as the words of a message and a song to be that message that can only be communicated through music.

Ed Sheeran’s lyrics to his songs are perhaps the most beautifully written lyrics I’ve heard from any artist in a long time. He hasn’t given in to the pressures of society’s culture as what the majority of songs are about today.

His songs contain graceful and dignified lyrics, that portray an elegant look on life.

If ‘All Of The Stars’ is a single from his album ‘X’ I won’t be surprised as I think its beautifully written lyrics earns it the right.

The intro into this song starts off with

“It’s just another night and I’m staring at the moon
I saw a shooting star and thought of you
I sang a lullaby by the waterside and knew
If you were here, I’d sing to you”

To a lot of people, this may not have any significance; but if like me, you are a rom-com enthusiast, romantic swooner, the lyrics are like the start of that empty space waiting to be filled by romantic gestures being filled.

“So open your eyes and see
The way our horizons meet
And all of the lights will lead
Into the night with me
And I know these scars will bleed
But both of our hearts believe
All of these stars will guide us home”

The chorus is basically the thought most ladies hope their future husband, or at least, that I hope my future husband thinks of being without me. The thing is, we know that this is usually highly unlikely, so hearing the words coming out of a male artists’ mouth gives us the satisfaction and hope that courtesy is still out there waiting to be uncovered.