Rudiments” is the debut EP from Minneapolis band EDGER. Justin Lawson (guitar/vocals) sought out Nate Bartley (drums) in 2014 to form a two piece band while they took a break from other projects. After a few performances they added Scott Hefte (bass) and soon began recording their debut EP “Rudiments” with Mike Wisti at Albatross Studio in Minneapolis.

Singles, “Noose” and “Holy Amour” sound very much like some of Weezer’s earlier stuff. It’s hard not to tap your foot along to those punchy drums and zippy pop-punk guitar riffs.

Originally conceived as a post-punk/hardcore band along the lines of Shellac, they quickly veered toward a more pop-hook-driven sound. Their debut is loud, energetic, and catchy with shades of Superchunk, The Thermals, Television, Sleater-Kinney, and Spoon.

Justin Lawson vocals are distinctive and effective especially on “Noose” where his voice takes on a more shouting quality. “Holy Armour” reminds me of some of Pavement’s songs, particularly Carrot Rope, perhaps EDGER having a bit more of a punk “EDGE”-R..

These melodies are perfectly enjoyable and we hope that the rest of the EP will be filled with more of this unbridled joy. EDGER certainly have the ability to write melodies that lodge themselves in your brain after just one listen. “Rudiments” is fresh out today and you can listen to the EP on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.