Berkshire based alternative ensemble Elasea originally hit the scene with their debut EP in 2013. In the years since, members Andy Bradford, Liv Jones, Calum Radmore and Jevon Smith have been busy making a name for themselves on stage, while also managing to attract media attention from outlets such as BBC Introducing.  Most recently however, the foursome have finished putting together their latest compilation, Where I Belong.

The five song assortment begins with “Glass Heart” by erupting into a storm of fast paced guitars and vigorous vocals. The rhythm relents temporarily for the heartfelt chorus, before racing off again afterwards. There’s a strong post-hardcore vibe about the whole thing as it gets the record off to a rousing start. The title track bursts out of its wake upon fiery instrumentation that persists behind another avid harmony. Its guitars remain urgent and emphatic, ensuring that it’s an energetic anthem throughout.

A mellow prologue prefaces a spirited first verse as “Lost in the Dark” gets going. There’s a heavy emotional edge to the chorus afterwards. A bracing breakdown is particularly poignant later on, before it all eventually fades out amid a plethora of hard-hitting instrumental elements.

The furious vocals of “Time Is Against Us” follow, screeching across the air, then toning back for a solemn stanza. The tempo gradually builds up again as a riveting refrain approaches and exudes tension and anxiety. A sombre instrumental exhibition in the middle establishes an affecting ambience ahead of a cutting climax. “On the Line” arrives next by way of a simple and stirring acoustic riff that plays out beside a melancholy melody. The sound and style stay sedate until the piece erupts into an assemblage of intense instrumentation and vehement vocals to deliver a fierce finale.

Elasea have made an enthusiastic effort here. There’s certainly plenty of passion and charisma crammed into its eighteen minute run time. The eager execution of its adept instrumentation and melodic vocals make for a fairly forceful alt-rock extravaganza. Where I Belong is due to drop on August 3rd, but in the meantime you can check out the quartet’s back catalogue on Bandcamp.

Elasea: Where I Belong EP review
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