Elbow are a British alternative rock group who formed back in the 90s and memorably rocketed into the Irish charts in 2008 with their hit song ‘Grounds for Divorce’. The band were one of the biggest attractions at Oxegen Music Festival the next year. With its punchy, rugged sounding guitar riff, heavy drum beat and the catchy vocal melodies, the song was an unmistakable success. ‘One Day Like This’ is another of their best known singles. You can watch the music videos below. The band have since released three albums and have enjoyed success in the charts at home in the UK and abroad.

Elbow are back with a new song fresh to the airwaves called ‘What Time Do You Call This?’ which jumps in a different direction from their previous work. Elbow have definitely changed their musical sound and style over the years and they seem to want to keep evolving. The single is from the soundtrack of the newly released film Man Up, a romantic comedy directed by Ben Palmer and starring Simon Pegg and Olivia Williams.

Acoustic guitar, piano and strings make this track happy, upbeat and romantic. The lyrics are layered with a mixture of happiness and pain. The song starts out well and seems to be going in a good direction however towards the end it is much too repetitive and the chorus is not half as good as the verse. The track is perfect for a romantic comedy soundtrack but on its own it is a little disappointing. The best part of the track is definitely the instrumental arrangement, but the vocals are repetitive and unvaried. The last minute of the song is the same line repeated over and over and an eventual slow fade out. This could have worked if it was shorter, as it does become a little boring.

Either way it is a happy, slow-paced, mellow song with a dreamy quality and it is nice to hear a strong presence of strings throughout the track. Elbow have been evolving with every album and their latest song is yet another shift in their sound. It is refreshing to be surprised by a group who seem to always have something new hidden up their sleeve just when you thought you could label them.

‘What Time Do You Call This?’ is out now, you can download it on iTunes.

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Listen to ‘What Time Do You Call This?’ below

Watch the video for ‘Grounds For Divorce’

Watch the video for ‘One Day Like This’ below