Electro Sensitive Behaviour are an Irish synth pop duo formed in 2013. The duo is made up of Perry Blake on vocals and Glenn Garrett on bass and synth. Their debut album “Modern Love” was released on March 1st.

“Zip Me Up (I Need Your Love)” is the opening track on the album. It has a four to the floor beat and filthy synth lines that crawl along. Vocally, Blake is reminiscent of Ian Curtis. The whole thing has an 80’s, new wave, post-punk feel though it still manages to sound delightfully fresh.

Though the album has quite a few heavy songs, it also shines during its quieter moments. Tracks like “Folk’s Don’t Know” and “I Let Her In” give us a glimpse at the softer side of the duo. It feels as if Garret and Blake have really taken the time to get the pacing right, and it really paid off.

The highlight of the album comes in the form of single “Michael Caine”. The bouncy tune has a hint of Britpop; something along the lines of Blurs “Girls and Boys” or Pulp’s “Common People”, though it would be unfair to say that the song doesn’t sound original in it’s own right.

All in all, “Modern Love” is a sophisticated, hooky album, that manages to clearly show it’s influences while still sounding unique. It’s incredibly refreshing to hear music like this coming from an Irish duo.

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