Elevation Falls are a Dublin-based rock/pop band who for the past three years have been creating buzz both here and abroad, inspiring comparisons to groups such as Evanescence and Fleetwood Mac. Much of these comparisons are down to the undeniable vocal prowess of Hazel Jade Rogers, who for me is the real selling point of this group. On this track Rogers delivers her most powerful performance to date, reciting her lines with equal-parts anguish and aggression. Lyrically, this song deals with a relationship that ended on a sour note, manifesting itself as a lament in some ways for what could have been but mainly the singer trying to tell herself that she has moved on, perhaps with uncertainty at first but with strength and conviction by the end. The songs lyrics are to-the-point, nothing overly complex or difficult to decipher. They do a satisfactory job of reflecting the mood of the song but I do feel this only due to the power of Rogers at the helm.

Instrumentally this song isn’t light-years away from what Elevation Falls have done with their output prior to this song’s release. If you’ve heard songs like “Higher” and “Watching Over You” then you probably know what to expect here, a quiet-loud-quiet dynamic where glistening guitars and pianos lurk over a dominant bass for the verses before launching into a heavier chorus. While structurally this latest release is doing nothing new I do applaud the absence of a guitar solo, something I believe works for the tone presented to that point. Instead the song drops in volume for a small piano/violin bridge before the drums and guitar take over again and the band explode back into the chorus. A subtle touch, but one I think works in the song’s favour. Again the instrumentals do good job of giving life to the song, without being amazing

Overall “May You Be” is a welcome addition to the Elevation Falls back catalogue and I would consider it among their strongest compositions. The star of the show here is Hazel Jade Rogers and despite some slight room for improvement lyrically I do believe this is a band with potential and one that will learn and grow as they go on. With the release of their extended EP “Origins” on the horizon I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Elevation Falls.