From Strabane, in Northern Ireland, comes sister-brother duet The Elliot Duo with their newest single Nashville Dreamer, and as the title suggests this song takes you on a trip right into the heart of Tennessee; the home of Country Rock music.

This acoustic hit has an easy-listening, chill vibe to it. The rhythmic beat, relatable storyline and clap-along to the song makes this extremely catchy and one can imagine it being played in a folk tavern with all the locals raising their glasses singing along. The chorus is powerful and encouraging, with strong background vocals that grabs the listeners attention and lifts the atmosphere of the song.

The two main vocalists throughout the song are very different but work in a way that complements one another beautifully. The stunning acoustic guitar along with the gently played tambourine and the rich simple sounds of the harmonica soothes the air of the song. To bring it to close, the song is stripped back to just one voice and one guitar, highlighting the true talent of this vocalist and giving the song a goose-bump-ensured finish.

This song is definitely a must hear for lovers of country rock, and The Elliot Duo are most certainly worth watching as they make a huge mark on the music scene.