Irish musician Elly O’Keeffe began to make her mark on the music scene last summer with the release of her debut album, When We Live. A native of Knocknagree, Cork who’s currently based in London, the singer/songwriter specialises in a stirring variety of folk that continues to be prevalent throughout her latest creation, “You”.

The new single is due to hit iTunes on April 27th ahead of an official launch show the following day with support from The Ackerleys, Milly Upton and Brian O’Keeffe at The Troubadour in the English capital. This is part of a promotional tour which arrives in Ireland at Monroe’s of Galway on May 3rd, with subsequent dates in Dublin, Killarney, Clonakilty and Cork City.

The song itself starts off with a soft acoustic riff, leading into a gentle and resonant harmony that strolls pleasantly forward. Affecting piano keys and moving strings join in as the piece progresses, adding to its poignancy. The tempo erupts for a rousing chorus, during which the vocals wash over the music and penetrate deep into the senses.

A warm ambience persists through the second verse before things erupt to immense levels just over two minutes in. The instrumentation captivates and conveys plenty of emotion while O’Keeffe shows off the full extent of her amazing voice, managing to hold some strikingly high notes. It all culminates in an expressive and passionate climax that leaves a lasting impression before gradually fading out and lingering.

“You” is a wonderfully heartfelt and touching folk ballad, whose stunning vocals and bracing instrumental work make for an invigorating listen. For more information on the track and its accompanying tour, head over to Elly O’Keeffe’s Facebook page. There you can also find out all of the details on the limited edition, hand crafted CD that will be available at each of the upcoming shows.

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