Despite a mutual love of music, before the summer of 2012 Jared Shaw and Chel Browne kept their passion largely to themselves, having played but a single live show together. Still though, something possessed them to send a couple of demos to Sydney’s Peat Ridges Festival that July. Expecting nothing back, the duo went on with their normal every day lives until, to their pleasant surprise, they received a reply.

Having been offered stage time at the prodigious event, the two artists adopted the name of their building of residence for their act and marched off to make their fantasies a reality. Drawing inspiration from folk and psychedelic pop styles of decades past and adding three more members to the lineup, Australian band Elstow was born. If that’s not a tale that tells chances are worth taking in this life, then I don’t know what is.

The fivesome began putting together their five track debut EP, As The Sun Falls, soon thereafter and released it in 2014 to a favourable reception. The remainder of the year was spent working the live scene of their hometown before returning to the studio to record their latest single, “Evil Dreams”.

The new song gusts in with resonant vocals and reserved guitars that generate a dreamy atmosphere from the get go. Developing gradually and with a sense of determination, more musical elements soon enter the fold, upping the tempo and the pace for the chorus. The piece continues to burn slowly and reverberate through the air as it progresses, dominating the senses in the process. It doesn’t always make for an easy listen but it carries an airy, transient sound about which there is an inexplicable allure.

The genres that Elstow cite as influences are definitely evident throughout “Evil Dreams” and the spin they have added to craft their own personal style makes it worth sampling. You can find the track on Bandcamp to judge for yourself.



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