Emilio Pinchi is an up and coming artist from Liverpool who specialises in a style of music which he refers to as “folk punk”. The young musician has been working hard to gain recognition by playing live around the British midlands and north-west. After catching the attention of the BBC, he has been featured on their renowned Introducing shows, as well as having partaken in sessions for the corporation’s regional branches in Merseyside and Stoke.

Making the decision to steer clear of recording studios, the singer/songwriter instead chose to put his latest single together in his own kitchen. This resulted in the creation of “Trying Man”, the homemade nature of which is apparent as it begins with a piercing acoustic riff that prefaces some cutting vocals. The beat picks up as things build steadily and get busier, reaching an instrumental peak three quarters of the way in. It’s the resonant harmony that really steals the spotlight throughout though, making for a track that’s memorable in its simplicity.

“Trying Man” can be sampled on Soundcloud, along another another piece called “Lament (For Now)”. This older offering trots into another sharp melody upon fast paced, mellow guitar work and proceeds to unfold determinedly. Its stripped down musical approach combines with expressive and enthusiastic vocals to forge a composition that’s warm and affective in its entirety.

Emilio Pinchi demonstrates that the production values of a studio aren’t always necessary to show off one’s talent and expertise. His material is straightforward and basic, but proves more than adequate to exhibit the proficient skills at his disposal.




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