‘Count’ is the latest single from Emma O’Reilly’s upcoming EP, Fractures.

It’s a light and breezy effort, perked up by prominent ukulele and breathy vocals. The lyrics and structure here are pretty simplistic, even bordering on clichéd from time to time but they serve decent purpose for the vibe the song is going for.

The tune uses counting throughout the verses to begin each line and I just found myself almost predicting the lyrics before they happened. O’Reilly isn’t going to win any prizes for innovation with this one but the performance vocally is strong enough to give this a pass.

The delivery of both the lead and the backing vocals are the strongest part of this song and make up for the uninspired lyrics and instrumentation.

All in all, a fun song, by no means a bad one but I’d maybe like to see that voice applied to something that’s perhaps a bit more adventurous.