Empathy Test

London based duo Empathy Test, Isaac Howlett and Adam Relf may inject their modern influences like Chvrches and Purity Ring into their sound. But they do have a knack in reinventing 80’s electro pop. In Empathy Test’s latest single Throwing Stones this is definitely the case here.

The dreamy intro to Throwing Stones, sounds like some futuristic pop song until Isaac Howlett’s voice enters the track. His voice brings the song right back down to earth, taming the track and keeping it more realistic to listen to. Before your mind wanders off with the electronic grooves, the chorus “Throwing Stones” is as catchy as chorus lines come.

Throwing Stones is a work of art in its own right. If you can vision Empathy Test painting notes and ample sounds rather than playing them. Not only have they created a sound, but a visual, colorful one at that. The song does have huge commercial potential, without being too complex to the ears, it feels like a breath of fresh air from the 80’s mixed with relaxing grooves and strong vocals. Empathy Test has outdone themselves with this superb release.

Empathy Test, Throwing Stones single is taken from the bands brand new EP Throwing Stones released December 9th on Stars & Letters Records. You can preorder the EP for just £3.50:

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