American alt-rock ensemble Energy originally sprang onto the scene from the town of Stoughton, Massachusetts, in 2006 and have been busy building up a fervent fan-base by touring throughout the US and Europe ever since. Made up of members Mike Natsios, Nick Sullivan, Steve Duarte, Eric Molloy and Tank, the Boston based band have become renowned for their portentous punk melodies, deeply introspective lyrics and downbeat but dynamic instrumentation.

With a pair of EPs and two full-length albums already under their belts, the profound fivesome are currently in the midst of promoting their freshly forged fifth record, Under the Mask. The stirring six track undertaking is introduced through the ominous yet entrancingly energetic riffs and refrain of “The Witching Hour”, which remains riveting as it races rapidly in the direction of the EP’s endearingly despondent eponymous anthem.

A brief and baleful interlude entitled “The Shape Retreats” follows from here, setting the scene for the solemn but sprightly guitars and singing that keep “A Prayer for Rain” captivating until “I Killed Your Boyfriend” storms in to excite with its expeditious riffs, vivacious vocals and invigorating percussion. “Leave Me Alone” starts slow in its wake before bursting into a bracing first verse. This is succeeded by a series of delightfully disaffected choruses and enticingly spry stanzas, the consistently contemplative undertone of which ensures the record is afforded an appropriately pensive conclusion.

Energy have spawned an extremely affecting fusion of post-hardcore and punk here that manages to maintain a meditative ambience as it unfolds. The remarkably melancholy demeanour of each song combined with the compellingly pressing delivery of the guitars, drums and vocals makes for an extraordinarily rousing listen. Head on over to iTunes to check Under the Mask out for yourself now.

Energy: Under the Mask EP review
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