Megacone are a 5-piece instrumental band, formed in November 2013. The band started when five music students collaborated on a project of total musical freedom. Megacone’s first EP ‘Fondle Fantasy’ was released on January 31st in The Mercantile, Dublin. The gig sold out, as did the EP. The band recorded ‘Fondle Fantasy’ in Westland Studios, Dublin, under the guidance and experience of renowned producer David Prendergast, who has worked with the likes of Kodaline and Overhead.

The first track on the EP, entitled “The Accidental”, starts off very peacefully and lulls you into a false sense of peace and serenity, and unusually for a band these days, a beautiful flute lends its mellow sound to the ambience. Before too long we get the full force of the band, with guitar playing the same catchy motif, some very skilled playing! Track two, the quirky named “Ouncy Castle” again features some very catchy motifs and very skilled guitar playing, with some interesting drum fills. The repeated guitar broken chordal ideas give this track a slightly repetitive feel, but it is none the less enjoyable for this.

“Aliens: Unsealed From the Future” features some very interesting riffs on what I am assuming to be keyboards, with the energetic guitar and drums raging on in the background, it is very similar to track one, and again the repetition of some ideas does become a bit wearing at times.

The final track, “Astitine”, is certainly the most refreshing and enjoyable. It has a definite energy about it but is in no way driving. The guitar motifs which appear are certainly original and skillful.

While there is no doubting the musical prowess of the musicians in this band, as mentioned the repetition of ideas sometimes becomes monotonous. But having said that, this EP is a fantastic breath of fresh air, and I must take my hat off to the boys for their determination to make this instrumental band work.

See the boys at Knockanstockan 2015.