Sun Mahshene is a Dublin based band that formed in 2014. Nathan Henderson is the lead of this talented group of musicians. On January 2nd 2015 they released an EP titled On Blood EP. It consists of three unique tracks which definitely stands out from the crowd. It is completely psychedelic. You can really sense the influence from the days of psychedelic rock; it has that feel good vibe.

The first song on the EP is the title track, On Blood, a song written by Paul O’Connor. The guitar kick starts this song to a fast pace, quickly followed by drums, bass and more guitar. It’s simple and very catchy. The riff and chord progression get you hooked right away, and if that doesn’t the chorus with it’s anthem like vocals and harmonies will be forever in your head. This song is just like a dream, it transports you to another universe. The only criticism is that, the vocals were a bit too low down in the mix at times in comparison to the guitar. But then again perhaps that was on purpose; so that it creates that psychedelic/dream like feel. Either way this song is still awesome.

Track number two is titled Love Jam. This song is introduced by a really catchy chord progression. It just flows so well and sets mood for this song. The vocals on this track are very haunting; they create an element of mystery and make the whole song very intriguing. The drums and bass provide a moderate tempo that makes the song feel really laid back and relaxing. It’s a really nice contrast to the first song and gives the EP that bit of variety. You could call it a sort of rock ballad, based on its feel and lyrics. The song ends with an incredible guitar solo, it’s so melodic and gives the song that finishing touch. This is also a wonderful song, be sure to check it out.

The final track on the EP is both long in duration and name A Morphing Hydrogenous Bubble Exploding In Your Head Jam. I have absolutely no idea what that means, but what I do know is this song is unforgettable. It starts off with a pounding bass riff with drums backing it up that set the scale for what is to come. This song is very guitar orientated. There are a lot of licks and solos throughout, and they are amazing. They have an element of blues to them that suits the song very well and continues to create that psychedelic feel for the rest of the EP. Another element of this song that gives it that dream like feel is the keyboard solo. It has a really nice synth effect on it that fits the song perfectly. The song ends with guitar that has some sort of flanger or phaser effect on it, it’s fantastic. It makes the ending of this song huge. This is without a doubt the best track on the EP.

This EP was great. Its most noticeable element is it’s huge level of creativity and originality. This whole record just screams creativity. You could call it a piece of art because it really is just that. If you haven’t heard psychedelic/dream rock before then this will not disappoint you at all. This whole EP will take you on a journey like never before and it is an experience you won’t want to miss. Keep an eye out for this band in the future, because they have an album coming out later this year and if this EP is anything to go by, that will be just as outstanding.