Esthetix are a 5 piece band from Moscow, Russia formed last year by frontman Ilya Kusnirovich. He is joined by Marusya Kovylova on vocals, Dmitriy Nekrotkov on bass, Ignat Akimnov on lead guitar and Max Prokofiev on drums. The had their live debut last May at the Bosco Fresh Festival, sharing the stage with indie-popper Mac DeMarco. They recently released their debut EP entitled “Shelter”.

The opening song is “Let It Go”. It begins with a spacey sounding guitar stabs. Thunderous drums and vocals soon join in. The group uses both male and female singing and it works incredibly well. The chorus sounds similar to Chvrches, but less synth orientated.

“Promised Land” is the follow-up. It’s chilled out funky vibe and Nile Rogers style guitar parts meld perfectly. There’s also a guitar solo that sounds like it came from a math rock song. It’s always great to hear a band that manage to blend a huge amount of influences into something now and this is exactly what Esthetix have done. “Get It”, the next track, is a similar song that has the makings of an indie anthem.

“Flux” is the closing number. It goes back to the style of the first track. It has a hypnotic groove and lots of delay on the guitars. Again, the male and female vocals work incredibly well together.

If you’re in the mood for something unique, Esthetix have just the thing for you.

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